TPO Calender 2024 TPO Wall Calendar
TPO Calender 2023 TPO Wall Calendar
Europe2018 Europe 2018
Belgium, Germany & England
2017-2018 HMM Calendars JHP Images and Calendars
2017 - 2024
2017 N Arkansas Elk North Arkansas Elk
October 2017
2017 N Arkansas Elk - Short Version North Arkansas Elk
(Short Version)
October 2017
2017 Arizona & Utah Arizona and Utah Trip
September 2017
2017 Upper Antelope Canyon Light Beams Upper Antelope Canyon
Light Beams
September 2017
2017 BAFB Airshow Day1 Barksdale Air Base Air Show
Rehearsal and Day 1 Airshow
May 2017
2017 BAFB Airshow Day2 Barksdale Air Base Air Show
Day 2 Airshow
May 2017
HARM St Louis 2017 Historic Aircraft Restoration Museum, St.Louis
April 2017
FWC Car Show "Foolin' with cars"
Shreveport Car Show
April 2017
Trip to Savannah, GA Savannah, Georgia
March 2017
Trip to DeLand, FL DeLand, Florida
March 2017
Birds of the South Birds of the South
North Arkansas Trip 2016 North Arkansas
November 2016
Wild West Trip 2016 the Wild West
September 2016
Florida 2016 Driving around Florida
April 2016
Florida Birds 2016

Birds of Florida
April 2016

Cruise 2015 Rome to Barcelona Cruise
Oct/Nov 2015
New Orleans 2015 New Orleans with our Belgian Friends
August 2015
KIER Airshow 2015 Natchitoches Airshow Airshow
September 2015 (John)
KIER Airshow 2015 Natchitoches Airshow Airshow
September 2015 (Linda)
New Orleans and Natchitoches 2015 New Orleans and Natchitoches, Louisiana
August 2015
NMUSAF Dayton Ohio National Museum United States Air Force, Dayton, Ohio
June 2015
Las Vegas and Tucson
Anniversary Trip
December, 2014
Europe2014 Europe and United Kingdom
Denmark, Germany, Belgium, France,
The Netherlands, England & Ireland
June & July 2014
Four Corners The Four Corners
(Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico & Utah)
October, 2013
Mediterranean Cruise 2013 Mediterranean Cruise
May 2013
Our BVI trip

British Virgin Islands Photos
Sailing in BVI Video (3min 42sec)
December 2012

Trip to Grand Tetons, Yellowstone & Mt.Rushmore Grand Tetons, Yellowstone and Mt.Rushmore
May 2012
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